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Modern life requires all of us to carry many items every day: smartphones, tablets, money, cards, keys and more. But what is the solution to carrying so many things with us and keep them safe in a place where we have easy and direct access? The solution is simple. Use a backpack. Fortunately modern designers agree with this view and there are now many designs for all styles.


If your bag needs repairing, follow these tips. This will restore it to its original condition. Materials which are easy to fade when cleaned, may have been used on colored wicker bags. First, test the color’s durability at  the bottom of the interior of the bag before wiping it all over with a damp cloth. To maintain the shape of the bag, fill the interior with some paper before cleaning. Use a white cloth with cold water. Squeeze it well to remove excess water. Wipe the bag gently with the damp cloth to remove stains. Create a soap mixture to remove dust.Mix two to three drops of dish soap or baby shampoo in a container filled with cold water to start cleaning your bag.Wipe your bag with a white cloth. Wipe all the water from your bag until the soft material feels slightly wet to the touch. Apply the foam from your mixture to the entire surface of the bag with the cloth. Dip a clean cloth in cold water and wipe your bag to remove soap foam. Leave your bag upright or in a corner. Wipe the entire bag with a clean cloth. Gently wipe your bag in the direction of the seam. Do not attempt to wipe your bag against its seams. Allow your bag to dry completely away from heat. Leave it in a well-ventilated place for at least 12 hours.