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Crab Hats

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Try not to tighten the front of the crown too much as this will cause the front of the hat to break. It is best to lift the hat from the brim or from cutting the crown with an open palm.


If an accident occurs and for some reason your hat loses its shape, in order to restore it follow the instructions below. Slowly place it near the steam on boiling water and then shape the hat back by hand back to its original shape.

Then you can dry the hat with a hairdryer at a very low temperature and thus keep its shape.You can iron the rim under a slightly damp cloth with the iron in a medium to low setting (high heat iron settings can cause burn marks on the cap). Your hat should be placed on a properly shaped object such as a bowl and dried to regain its shape.


If your hat gets dirty, you should first try to remove the dirt by dusting it lightly with a dry cloth. If the mark is difficult to remove this way try using a damp cloth or wiping it with a baby wipe. This should remove most of the marks, however be careful not to rub too hard. We recommend that you do not use soap and water.


You can find the most suitable hat size by following the instructions below. Place a measuring tape around your forehead and see how many centimeters it is. As many centimeters as the measuring tape shows, this is also your size. Then consult the table below to know if you are wearing XXS, XS. S. M. L. XL, XXL, XXXL.

The sizes vary as there may be one size with an internal adjustment strap.At the time of measurement, make sure the tape measure is placed in the middle of your forehead about 0.5 cm above the ears.We suggest a slightly larger hat rather than a perfectly fitted and tight one. The tight hat will probably cause you discomfort.